New Puppy

Before puppy:

I can give advice on which breed of dog would be most suitable, how to choose a good breeder, puppy proofing your home, tell you about equipment needed for your new puppy and how to settle pup into his or her new home, plus much more.

After puppy:

Plenty of tips and advice on house training, mouthing, play biting, chewing, nutrition, socialising and much more.

Expecting a baby:

When a new baby comes along it can be quite a stressful time not only for you as a new parent but also for your dog.

As a dog trainer and a parent myself who has raised 2 children around dogs I can give you lots of practical advice on helping you and your dog cope with your new addition to the family.

Rescue Dog Consultations

As an owner of 3 rescue dogs myself I can help you to settle your rescue dog into his or her new home and help you to understand their behaviour and work through any problems that may arise.


£40 for 1 hour (all consultations)
Consultations for new puppy, rescue dog or baby